Mannatech is a pioneer in the Glyconutrients Industry.  The science world, not the medical world, has pointed to looking very deep into the body on a cellular level, to achieve a greater health change. People will have to address helping the smallest unit of their body to get healthy again. While Mannatech was one of the first to know of this knowledge, it was unknown to the world and therefore not widely excepted. Not until Glyco Biology came into focus within the science field.
Glyconutrients are plant based nutrients, polysaccharides or “nature’s sugars”, quite different from table sugar or fruit sugars. The body desperately needs these sugars for building healthy glycoproteins that insure cell-to-cell communication, which insures optimal health.
At the heart of Mannatech is their flagship Ambrotose® products, also referred to as Glyconutrients, which contains the purest form, of mannose gel, from the Aloe Vera plant. (All products have these high grade glyconutrients, which is why their products are so unique!)

Dr. Bill McAnalleys fascination with the potent health benefits of fresh Aloe Vera, lead his research to the discovery of a key component of this gel, Acemannan, a mannose based polysaccharide. This was the beginning, founded in 1994 and in 1996 Mannatech capitalised on Dr. McAnalley's insights into glyconutrient technologies and launched Ambrotose complex.

Mannatech focus on  Real Food Technology® Solutions: an innovative method of creating nutritional products with natural- & plant-sourced ingredients at standardized levels.
Their passion for providing Real Food solutions are born out of their Mission and Vision:
Mission focus:
" to fight global malnutrition by nourishing the world with Real Food Technology® supplementation while empowering and rewarding the lives of those who champion our cause."
Vision focus:
".. is to impact the global epidemic of childhood malnutrition by linking five million consumers of Real Food Technology supplementation with five million children in need."

They’re truly accomplishing their mission fighting malnutrition, through their Mission 5 Million - M5M Foundation, you can truly make a difference in the world by simply looking after your own family’s nutritional and wealth needs.

How is this accomplished?
There are many processes that take place to accomplish fighting malnutrition with Real Food Technology. 
Normally some minerals are sourced from rocks. Some are taken from salts. But the minerals in their products are from plants. One process, of many - as seen in video clips, that is used:  Plants are harvested using a patented hydroponic process, in which Indian mustard sprouts are grown in a solution of highly concentrated minerals. This allows for standardised levels of minerals to be taken into the sprouts and digested by the plant as a food form. This way, your body recognises them, so they can be more easily absorbed and digested.
They provide a vitamin/mineral complex from natural food sources for maximum absorption. By delivering their real-food glyconutrient and vitamin/mineral technologies in a nutrient-dense food base of stabilised rice bran and fruits and vegetables, they’ve created an environment for nutritional synergies to occur, increasing the activity of the individual nutrients within your body. It’s nutrition the way your body wants it.

Mannatech's Ambrotose technologies have been granted patents consistently from governing bodies around the world. These patents are a direct result of dedication and diligence exhibited by Mannatech's scientists and serve to further establish Mannatech, as an industry leader in nutrition and wellness technologies.
Ambrotose® has been formulated to support:
*Immune system health, *Cellular communication,
*They are the first dietary supplements shown to impact the N-glycosylation profile of human serum glycoproteins, *Cognitive function,
*proper Digestive functions, and *proper Organ function, to name a few.

Their Optimal Health Range of Products consist of 5 products; Advanced Ambrotose ®,
PLUS™, Ambrotose AO ®, Nutriverus ®, Omega 3 & Vitamin D3, that complement one another and that support all the various systems in the body. Mannatech also have targeted support products for individuals with more specific health challenges.
Guaranteed they provide long-term health benefits!

Real Food Technology® Solutions simply put, is a process of delivering the best concentrated nutrition, based on the best science, to the body the way the body likes it, making them products that help the body help itself at cellular level. 

It is not meant to substitute a doctor’s oversight, they are not into treatment, cure or mitigation of disease. These products are safe to take with medications, because they are not medication  nor contain any synthetics. The focus is on the improvement of quality of life, well care. It is not  focused on treating sickness and subduing the symptoms as with medication, which is all about sick care. 

Who can benefit from good nutrition? Sick people, well people, everybody.
Everybody benefits from good nutrition! Real -good- food nutrition offers long-term health benefits. How many health problems has our age revealed  is greatly connected to bad eating habits, causing malnutrition? I would encourage everyone to adapt healthy eating habits and exercise, while using supplements. For further information follow links below:

Science All about

Health Benefit Testimonials, by users of Mannatech products, concerning the following health issues:
Autism - Greatly Improved (they took products with medication)
Chronic pain - recovered (they took products with medication)
Infertility – Became fertile (they took products with medication)
Depression – Stopped needing anti- depressants (they took products with medication)
Heart – Health improved and complete recoveries (they took products with medication)
Diabetes - Health improved and recovery (they took products with medication)
Insomnia – Sleeping improved (they took products with medication)
Sinus – Relief (they took products with medication)
More to follow ( will share full written testimonies of each soon in Blogs)