Testimonial: Chronic Lyme Disease

FROM “Sickness, Pain and Isolation” TO A NEW LEASE TO LIFE!

This is the most resent Testimony, using Ambrotose products, she overcame Chronic Lyme Disease; (And so grateful she is well!!!)                                                              


Julie Bowman
November 26 at 7:03am ·

This is a thank you to the woman who saved my life !!
This is my letter to Yvonne Lacey a lady who until 4 months ago was a complete stranger to me . A Guardian Angel who sponsored me a three months supply of Mannatech products , which made it possible for me to start on the road to recovery from Chronic lymes disease.

Dear Yvonne,
Four months ago, after 3 years 12 Drs and 10 misdiagnoses from Depression to Crohns .
I was finally diagnosed correctly.
I had Chronic Lyme disease . Although relieved to finally know I wasn’t crazy , the long battle with this illness had left me , emotionally, physically and financially drained , I didn’t have any fight left . I was over Drs and hospitals and didn’t know where to turn I got so low I just wanted it to all end ! Then out of the blue you called I don’t even know why I answered as I didn’t recognize the number , but I’ll be eternally grateful I did x
You told me about Ambrotose and the Mannatech products, Sensing how sceptical I was you said you believed in the products that much you would sponsor me the R4000 a month it would cost for the products for the next 3 months , I was overwhelmed a total stranger and you were willing to do that for me ? I was nervous but what did I have to loose?
We chatted a few more times and by the time my products arrived all my scepticism had gone .I started the programme right away and within 5 days days it started to work . 3 months on and It has changed my life and given me much more than I ever dreamed of. I have achieved things I would never have thought possible. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I find myself doing things which a year ago would have seemed completely unthinkable .
Saying that you saved my life might sound dramatic. But that’s exactly what you did .
“To be honest, my will to live at times was not very strong. This was surprising to me as I considered myself to be a very emotionally strong and stable person. Thoughts of ending my life were like demons that I had to keep at bay, sometimes on a daily or hourly basis – just so I did not have to endure another day of sickness, pain and isolation.”
It’s hard for me to believe now that there were times before taking Ambrotose when my will to live was so low .
But that was month’s ago my life was completely different from what it is today. I was housebound, unable to get out of bed most mornings I was in such pain and discomfort I was unable to eat and the brain fog left me frightened and confused .
So thank you for all you’ve done – not just for me but for my Partner and loved ones too.
Thank you for showing me that I could hope for a better tomorrow and that I didn’t need to go on living a life of restriction, avoidance and fear. I will be eternally grateful for all your support and guidance .
Love your friend


What could Mannatech mean for your health? From serious health issues like Chronic Lyme disease to more simpler improved moods, there are products available for better health here, we care that you become well!  Do you want to feel confident that your getting full benefits/results from the nutritional products you use? This woman has felt the benefits from using Ambrotose products and they really gave her new life! This is one testimony of many to follow. Remember each person in this world likes to hear feed back, word of mouth, what others have to say about using certain products or services, this is what I am offering through these testimonials. People write in, stand up and talk at events, send call messages, sharing what they experienced, which they are free to do. I will share all of this, that you can be fully informed and make confidante choices about what’s right for you. On your road to better health, which is all about a healthy life style, eating healthy and getting exercise, I would like to give you peace of mind that you are using the best food supplement and health products. 

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